The River is Everywhere


Imagine Dragons for Saturday Night Live.
Rise Against - The Black Market

What will it take for you to notice?
I am a heart on fire, the dawn walls diffuse.
So don’t get too close 
Trouble and the worth 
I’m better off on my own
On my own

Now there’s nowhere to run
And yeah there’s nowhere to hide
There’s nothing under the sun 
We haven’t already tried

What will it take for you to notice?
I am a hand grenade, pin already pulled so don’t let go
As we chase the sun my shadow slowly falls down
And without me along, you’re better off and I know
You’re better off and I know
And I know


Hello | Photo by @jrvfilms


Hello | Photo by @jrvfilms

Ask Yourself
Foster The People - Supermodel


Foster The People - Ask Yourself

And you say that dreamers always get what they desire.
Well I’ve found, the more I want the less I’ve got.
Is this the life you’ve been waiting for?
Or are you hoping that you’ll be where you want with a little more?


videogames garphics battle | vs. captainpearce

round eight male character (booker dewitt, bioshock infinite)

You think a dip in the river is gonna wash away the things I’ve done?”- Booker.



Serendipity saying it how it is

(Dogma, 1999)

Always reblog Dogma.


i know Bucky is super loyal and all, but do ever wonder if he just silently bitches? Bitching Bucky? is that a thing? 

Margot is the only family you have left.