The River is Everywhere

Clare McFearless presents…her favourite records of 2012.


1. Vital - Anberlin

This album is the Musical embodiment of pure, unadulterated bliss. Their sound has definitely been tweaked and infused with perfect electronica and their most intense lyrics yet. It’s sublime, and I couldn’t expect anything else from the boys. 

2. Handwritten - The Gaslight Anthem.

Whenever I just want to listen to proper rock ‘n roll, with lyrics that tell wonderful stories and make me think, the first band I always turn to are Gaslight. So when Handwritten came out, I listened to it all the way through about five times in a row. I doubt I’ll get sick of it any time soon, and every time I do listen to it, I always notice something different.

3. Night Visions - Imagine Dragons.

This album only needed one listen to make it into this list. It’s just wonderful. I know they’re doing well over in the states right now (which is a damn good effort, considering that Taylor Swift and One Direction exist), and with good reason. This album is a completely mind-bending journey through a lot of different genres, ranging from heavy, dubsteppy drops to good old fashioned harmonising and grouped vocals. Brilliant.

4. Battle Born - The Killers.

So, if any of you know me at all, The Killers had to make it onto this list on principle alone! But with that said, I was pretty disappointed with Day & Age, and I was carefully excited for this one, given the build up. And when it came out, I rushed out as excitedly as I had for the other records, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. It’s the perfect blend of Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town, and I have to admit that I got a little weepy when it was done. My boys are back, at the top of their game, and I’m so proud. 

5. Living Things - Linkin Park.

And then there’s Linkin Park. Alphabetically, they’re at the bottom, but that doesn’t mean that this phenomenal record is at the bottom of my list. Dark, thought-provoking and just plain beautiful, Living Things totally blew my mind in terms of what I thought the guys were capable of. My heart still races every time I listen to it from start to finish. 

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